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Adaptive programming: Sudan key findings report (2021)

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Key findings emerging from the FNS-REPRO generated studies and other sources as input for the sensemaking events and adaptive programming

This Key Findings Report provides an overview and summary of the key information that emerged from FNS-REPRO’s studies and reports, and other sources on Sudan. The information and data presented in this report is disaggregated into key chapters, each representing the key thematic areas FNS-REPRO is focused on and which are relevant to the program, such as Food and Nutrition Security, Healthy Diets, Resilient Livelihoods, Gum Arabic Value Chain etc. This information has been summarized in presentations used during the sensemaking event and the subsequent annual review and planning meeting that took place end of July 2021. The sensemaking of the key findings led to key suggestions for improvement of the program in the next annual plan. These summary key findings and suggestions for improvement are described in a separate report.

Authors: Eelke Boerema, Charles Chapman, Cecile Kusters