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Food and Nutrition Security outcomes can only be achieved through effective collaboration with all interested actors in the food and agriculture sector by using each other’s knowledge, experience and comparative advantages. The involvement of partners, in particular, international and local NGOs is instrumental in the design and delivery of FNS-REPRO interventions. The role NGOs/INGOs and knowledge institutions play is also fundamental in the implementation of the learning agenda. Partnerships with Academia and Research Institutions greatly enhance FNS-REPRO's ability to mobilize knowledge and innovations, strengthen capacities, provide evidence-based solutions to policy processes and share its own experience from the ground with the academic community.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the Netherlands’ ministry responsible for foreign relations, foreign policy, international development and international trade, among other things. The Dutch have always had close ties with the international community, in seeing the significance of events happening in the world they recognize the importance of strengthening capacities in the face of climate change, rising instability, and resulting refugee crises. Through international cooperation, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs hopes to address these issues by investing in effective programming and strong international cooperation. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has played a foundational role from the start going beyond simply being a Donor and being involved in many aspects of FNS REPRO. They have consulted on different parts of the project, such as targeting project beneficiaries and continue to be very involved in many different ways. The Netherlands is developing a focus on system-based programming especially when it comes to the production of food as seen by a number of events and statements released. Through RERPO The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs hopes to have a strong and sustainable impact on the state of both Food and Nutrition Security and Stability in the Horn of Africa.

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Programme Partners

Country Implementing Partners

  • Nugaal University
  • Sanaag University
  • Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee
  • Unique Vision Research and Development
  1. Star Trust Organization
  2. World Vision
  3. Global Aim South Sudan
  4. Caritas Luxembourg
  5. Save the Children
  6. VSF Germany
  7. Christian Mission for Development
  8. VSF Suisse
  9. South Sudan Grassroots Initiative for Development
  10. CAWDC
  11. PCO
  12. World Concern
  13. Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
  14. Juba University
  • Forest National Corperation (FNC)
  • University of El Fashir
  • University of El Daien
  • Ministries of Production and Economic Resources

Other Partnerships

Netherlands Food Partnership

The Netherlands Food Partnership connects and supports initiatives by Dutch organizations and partners from Low and Middle-Income Countries to achieve urgent changes that contribute to sustainable food systems and nutrition security and reach SDG2 by 2030. NFP takes on complex challenges, such as transforming food systems. By taking a food systems approach, Netherlands Food Partnership’s contributions helps Dutch initiatives to increase synergies and reduce negative trade-offs between social, economic and ecological food system outcomes. They focus on four relevant food system challenges: Equal access and distribution of food, Healthy diets, Resilient ecosystems and Peace, justice and stability.

Within FNS-REPRO the Netherlands Food Partnership(previously Food and Business Knowledge Platform) is in charge of facilitating Global Communities of Practice. NFP facilitates the organization of learning and exchange in the Netherlands and ensures the link with – and inclusion of – relevant external parties in the Netherlands in multi-stakeholder learning within the programme to validate learning outcomes and provide external input in programme learning processes. In the Netherlands, NFP will provide added value to FNS-REPRO by facilitating learning, uptake of lessons and formulation of clear conclusions for Dutch policy and practice through its network, in particular its Community of Practice on the nexus of food security and stability, and through its link to the IGG department of the Ministry.

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