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What is Nuffic?

The Dutch organisation for internationalisation of education. From primary and secondary education to vocational and higher education, research and adult education. Nuffic does not have a direct role in FNS REPRO but instead works to strengthen the relevant knowledge capacities in target areas through setting up regional knowledge transfer projects on the topic of food security and food systems.

Nuffic in the Horn of Africa

To tackle food insecurity in the Horn of Africa, various projects regarding building food system resilience are addressing the research and development capacities of professionals to improve food and nutrition outcomes. Below you can find an overview of projects working on this issue as a whole, as well as activities in specific countries.

  1. Project activities in the Horn of Africa: Flyer Horn of Africa
  2. Summary of activities in Somaliland: Flyer Somaliland
  3. Summary of activities in South Sudan: Flyer South Sudan
  4. Summary of activities in Sudan: Flyer Sudan