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The Learning Agenda

The aim of the FNS-REPRO Learning Agenda (LA) is to establish and implement learning mechanisms that reinforce field activities and facilitates improved policy and practice on food system resilience. The LA aims to design, guide, reinforce and learn from implementing sustainable solutions to food crises and food system resilience. This will be done through enhanced food security analysis and knowledge sharing, strengthening coordination, building institutional knowledge and research capacity, support agenda setting as well as policy and decision-making processes across the Humanitarian-Development-Peace nexus.

Shaped to contribute to the Global Network Against Food Crises  research agenda, the LA aims to:

  1. -enhance joint food security analysis;
  2. -enhance evidence-based strategic programming;
  3. -strengthen coordination and capacity building amongst actors along the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, and
  4. -impact policy decision-making processes

Outputs of the Learning Agenda are:

  1. -Support and strengthen Food Security Analyses to promote food system resilience in protracted crises
  2. -Strengthen evidence-based strategic programming
  3. -Build institutional knowledge and research capacity around food system resilience
  4. -Facilitate a learning conversation through consultation and learning events
  5. -Support agenda-setting and policy decision-making processes